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Vintage BELDING CORTICELLI® NYMO® Nylon Monocord BEADING THREAD, Size #B, 72 yrds Bobbin: Black
Vintage BELDING CORTICELLI® NYMO® Nylon Monocord BEADING THREAD, Size #B, 72 yrds Bobbin: Black
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SIZE: #B (72 yrds)
100% Nylon
PACKAGE: 1 Bobbin


NYMO was originally developed for and used in the upholstery industry. It is high quality, durable, lightly waxed and much stronger than cotton sewing thread. Avoid using sewing thread in any of your beaded creations!

NYMO is a nylon monofilament, which means it is a single bonded strand, not several twisted together. This is helpful in beadwork, especially when you have to remove stitches - it won't untwist and separate. NYMO thread is strong and supple, but it can fray and tangle when it is overworked.

NYMO comes pre-waxed for ease of use, but should be re-waxed regularly as you work to maintain its condition. It may also stretch, so it is recommend that you stretch the thread (pull it) before using. NYMO can also be knotted tightly and securely.

NYMO thread is the popular choice of thread for loom and off-loom bead weaving because it is available in a large range of colors and sizes; on convenient bobbins or larger spoils.

NYMO comes in the following sizes: OO (finest), O, B, D, and F (thickest). The thinnest sizes, “OO” and “O” are recommended for smaller beads or when having to pass a thread through a single bead multiple times. Using the largest size, such as “F”, is recommended for the best strength provided it is thin enough to pass through the hole of your beads. The quality of the thread on the larger spoils seems to be better (stronger) than the bobbins, but bobbins come in a larger variety of colors and are best for smaller projects.

**Refer to the size chart below for a general idea of the best size needed for your project**

Size 00 is .127 mm in diameter and suitable for the smallest beads (size 15) or when multiple thread passes are required.

Size 0 is .1524 mm and suitable for the same purposes as size 00.

Size B is .2032 mm and one of the most commonly used thicknesses. It is suitable for a wide range of stitches and bead sizes includes beads in size 8, 10, 11 and 15.

Size D is .3048 mm in diameter and suitable for similar purposes as size B. Size D is a commonly used size with size 8, 11, and 15 seed beads.



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