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My Road To The Sundance: Manny Twofeathers  
Product ID: 1-886340-04-8
My Road To The Sundance: Manny Twofeathers
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Product Details

  • Paperback: 204 pages
  • Publisher: Wo-Pila Publishing (March 1997)
  • Author: Manny Twofeathers **Signed**
  • Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
  • ISBN:  1-886340-04-8 
  • Condition:  Very Good - (contains library stamp)

     My Road to the Sundance

         Manny Twofeathers

         By:  Manny Twofeathers

From Back Cover 

This is the extraordinary true story of one man's spiritual awakening, Manny Twofeathers, a Native American born in Arizona from Aztec descent, was reared a Catholic.  However, in late adulthood, he began searching for a more fulfilling spirituality.

After several paths, other forms of Christianity and Buddism, he found the Sacred Pipe and The Sundance.  This is the ancient, Native American, ceremony of sacrifice, a way to give thanks and for the Creator to answer Prayers.

Manny offers his own interpretation of controversial issues. For those with an open heart, you will be enriched by the knowledge and wisdom he offers on Native Spirituality.

This is his own story. Through painstaking and personally revealing detail, Manny bares his soul, his visions, his strengths and his weaknesses.

It is not a "how to" book, but one that bears sharing with others who are searching, searching for a tangible spirituality.

When reading, we caution: Be prepared with a glass of water and some tissue on hand! You will feel hunger, thrist, you'll laugh and even cry, as you read about this warrior's spiritual journey.

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