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SHANNON: An Ojibway Dancer  
Product ID: 0-822-59643-1
SHANNON: An Ojibway Dancer
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Product Details

  • Softcover: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group (September 1993)
  • Reading Level:  Ages 9 - 12 
  • Author: Sandra King & Catherine Whipple
  • Product Dimensions:  8.2 x 9.2 x 0.2 inches
  • ISBN: 0-822-59643-1
  • Condition: Very Good (contains library stamp)

An Ojibway Dancer

By:  Sandra King
Photography:  Catherine Whipple


How do we get to be who we are?  What are the ingredients that shape our values, customs, language, and tastes, that bond us into a unit different from any other?  On a large scale, what makes the Swedes Swedish or the Japanese Japanese?

These questions become even more subtle and interesting when they're addressed to a distinct and enduring traditional cultures coexisting within the boundaries of a large and complex society.  Certainly Americans visiting abroad have no trouble recognizing their fellow countrymen and women, be they black or white, descended from Mexican or Polish ancestors, rich or poor.  As a people, we have much in common, a great deal that we more or less share: a recent history, a language, a common denominator of popular music, entertainment, and politics. But, if we are fortunate, we also belong to a small, more particular community, defined by ethnicity or kinship, belief system or geography.  It is in this intimate circle that we are most "ourselves," where our jokes are best appreciated, our special dishes most enjoyed.  There are the people to whom we go first when we need comfort or empathy, for they speak our own brand of cultural shorthand, and always know the correct things to say, the proper things to do.

SHANNON provides an insider's view into just such a world, that of the contemporary Ojibway people.  If we are ourselves Ojibway, we will probably nod often while reading these pages, affirming the familiar, approving that this tribal family keeps alive and passes on the traditions of beadwork and dance.  If we belong to another tribe, we will follow Shannon's story with interest, gaining respect for a way of doing things that's rich and rewarding.

This is a book about people who are neither exotic nor unusual.  If you encountered them at a shopping mall or at a movie theater they might seem at first glance like everyone else, a grandmother and her grandchildren, American as apple pie.  Shannon does not dispute this picture, but it does expand it.

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