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Micro Seed Beads

Prior to 1910, very tiny micro seed beads were manufactured in Venice, Italy. During the "reservation period" of the late 1880's, these tiny beads were used by Native Americans in producing incredibly intricate and beautiful items. Production of this size and style of tiny bead ceased just prior to WW I. There are some modern micro beads being made today, but they are quite different in shape and appearance from the antique seed beads. They are more tube-shaped, similar to Delica or Hex beads. The antique beads are generally more rounded in shape.

Loose seed beads are sold by weight in zipper bags. Packages contain approximately 10 grams each.  My antique micro seed beads are from *vintage stock* and can not be reordered once the limited quantities listed are no longer available.

For a quick view of all Micro Seed Bead colors, please refer to our COLOR CHART or narrow your search by size using the links provided below.

**Bead colors may vary slightly from photos depending on monitor settings**